Brewery in North Liberty?

Hello Iowa!

I'll be the first to welcome you to the most exciting thing since the North Liberty Hy-Vee! My name is Matthew Benda and I’m one of the co-owner/operators. If you’ve made it to our website you’ll know that we’re a brewery. We will be opening 2019 at our location in the heart of North Liberty. I’ve lived here in North Liberty for almost five years and always dreamed about giving a brewery to this awesome community.

What Kind of Beer Will You Make?

Eric our head brewer comes from over five years of brewing and quality-assurance experience. Most recently he was making whiskey over at Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher, Iowa. Eric can run the gamut of beer styles, but we will have focus on IPAs. Our beer menu will always be inviting to all beer drinkers. If light, easy drinking, crushable beers are your thing, look no further than Pour Life. Seriously, all beer drinkers welcome.

What Makes you Different?

Honestly, not much. There are 7000 breweries here in the US. We get the same “finest quality malt and hops,” as every other brewery gets. We will never say we won’t brew any style. We’re open to any new style, process, criticism all in the name of learning and always getting better. Eric and I both come from a background of quality assurance and draught system maintenance. Expect beer lines cleaned weekly, high quality standards, and insane beer pours (not kidding).

We’re really excited to be opening to North Liberty. We’ll give you everything we’ve got. See you soon.


Matthew Benda