Still Haven't Met you Yet

We're a driven duo that have been carving out our voice and gaining industry experience for over 5 years now. Working in the distribution and brewing industry has given us knowledge and insight to thrive in the beer market. Eric has been dialing in recipes, and has won a handful of awards. Now, he is commercially brewing at Cedar Ridge Distillery making the best bourbon in the Midwest. Where Eric exceeds at his brewing abilities, Matt is able to capture the personality of the beers and the MashBros brand and wrap it into a concept worth thinking and drinking about. He's worked every job in the distribution business, and has a true sense of how this crazy beer world works. 

Project Budget

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We feel called more than ever to finally open MashBros to the public. Now we're looking for the right partner with some experience running a business. Somebody that loves and believes in the MashBros brand, also trusts that we know what the hell we're doing. 

Our offer is 25% of MashBros Brewing Company LLC for $75,000.

This money will go to securing a downpayment on SBA 7(a) loan through blah blah for a total project cost of $400,000. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate.