Sharing Beer that Shares with Others

Who are the MashBros?

We’re brothers that didn't have much in common.
We found a bond in beer, and making it good.


Our vision is to take our shared experience and passion of beer, and share it with others so that they may connect with their friends and family.

sharing beer that shares with others


It started back in 2008, when I (Matt) wanted to make alcohol. I thought it would be a un experiment to try and ferment SunnyD with some bakers yeast. Fast forward to 2012 when I was working on a Design project making a fake soda company, Sodalicious. I looked up how to make soda and stumbled upon making beer. After countless youtube video, I got the Turkey Frier our and made my first amber ale. Turns out making beer is a lot of work, and us Benda’s can be somewhat lazy. So, Eric was recruited to help.

Eric is an extreme hobbyist, and it didn’t take him long to get into home brewing. Before we knew it, our whole lives were enveloped in beer. We both got into the beer business as draught technicians. We would install and maintain draught beer systems throughout Linn and Johnson County. Not soon after, we started working a plan for a brewery. MashBros is born. We were in planning stages for close to three years before the hard work finally paid off.